Skate The Zoo

July 29th, 2023

We are proud members of the Michigan Basic Skills Series that were developed in 2007. Our annual “Skate the Zoo” offers events from beginner skaters to adult skaters. The series was invented to give Basic Skills skaters the opportunity to compete in a series of competitions with consistent rules, a friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to earn points towards season awards. It is an amazing experience where kids can grow their love for skating while competing individually in the sport of ice skating. We have skaters from all over Michigan that join us every year.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this competition is to promote a fun, introductory, competitive experience for the beginning skater.


The competition will be conducted under the rules set forth by the US Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA “Compete USA Competition Manual” program.


All competitors will receive a medal. All events are final rounds. ALL awards will be made at appropriate times throughout the competition. A podium will be available for group and individual photos.


The registration table will be open 1 hour before the competition begins. Skaters will not be allowed to compete until they have registered. Please register at least one hour before your competition time.


The Competition open to ALL skaters who are current eligible members of either the Basic Skills Program and/or full members of US Figure Skating. To be eligible skater must have submitted a membership application or be a member in good standing. Members of other organizations are eligible to compete but must be registered with the host Basic Skills Program/Club or any other Basic Skills Program/Club. Eligibility will be based on skill level as of closing date of entries. All Snowplow Sam and Basic 1-6 skaters must skate at highest level passed or one level higher. NO official US Figure Skating tests may have been passed including MIF or individual dances. For the Test Track and Well Balances levels eligibility will be based only on highest free skate test level passed. Skaters may skate at the highest level passed OR one level higher BUT not both levels in the event during the same competition.


Music should be uploaded into EMS by July 18th.  Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Practice Ice

Practice ice will be available in 20 minutes sessions. Details will be provided either online or via email prior to the competition date. Sign-in and pay $8 at the door.