Learn To Skate - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is skate rental included in the registration cost? 

Yes, it is! We do ask that you return the skates to the skate rental counter as you received them. Also, please always stay on the rubber mat. Walking on concrete causes the blades to become dull instantly and will make skating very difficult for you or future users of the skates. 

  • My son/daughter has never been on the ice before, what class should I sign them up for? 

Not to worry, most of our skaters have little to no experience on the ice before taking lessons – that is what we are here for! Skaters ages 3-5 years old start in our Snowplow Sam 1 class. Skaters ages 6+ start in our Basic 1 class or Hockey 1 class if they are interested in playing hockey in the future. Skaters ages 17+ start in our Adult 1 class. 

  • My son/daughter has skated before, what class should I sign them up for? 

If they have not had formal lessons, we ask that you sign them up for level 1 based on their age (see above question). Coaches will evaluate them during the first week of classes and adjust levels if necessary. We always aim to keep our participants safe yet challenged by being in the correct level based on their skills and age. 

  • Registration is not open, when can I register?  

Please be patient! We are a volunteer run organization and strive to be as timely as possible. Registration generally opens a month before a session starts. Late adds are accepted, space permitting, up to 1 week into the start of a session. After that, it becomes too disruptive to the class and instructor to add new skaters. 

  • What are your class sizes?  

For our Snowplow Sam levels, we keep to a 6:1 student to instructor ratio. For our Basic and Hockey levels, it is a maximum of 10:1 ratio. In addition to the instructor, we have advanced skaters helping in classes as needed. All our instructors are members of U.S. Figure Skating, certified, and trained – many with 10-20 years of experience!