GKSA Hosted Test Sessions

Next Testing Date: October 12th

Competitive skaters are required to participate in the United States Figure Skating Association testing structure to compete in qualifying competitions. Recreational skaters can also test to continue to challenge themselves and their abilities

If you experience issues, please email testchair@skatekalamazoo.org

GKSA is Now Conducting Virtual Testing

Listed below is the U.S. Figure Skating testing structure:

1. Moves in the field (standard track and adult)
2. Free Skate (or free skating) (standard track and adult)
3. Pairs (standard track and adult)
4. Compulsory Dance (standard track, solo, adult, and masters)
5. Free dance (standard track and masters)

In the event that an athlete decides to use his/her IJS Protocol as a test for Free Style it must be in accordance with TR.4.00. In order for the athlete to receive test credit, the following must be provided to the Club Test Chair; the Test Credit Skater Report, the Panel of Judges and their coach must verify in writing, that the documents provided are correct and unaltered. The cost to process this test is $10, payable to Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association.

For all tests other than adult and masters tests, age is not a factor. To qualify for an adult test, the candidate must be 21 years of age or older. To qualify for masters tests, the candidate must be 50 years of age or older.